We are uninterested in conventional. We want new development, progression. We work tirelessly to make Hartsville a signature city. We dream big, aim high, and push to elevate our community to new heights. We want the City of Hartsville to be named whenever anyone discusses growth in South Carolina.

The success of our home depends on making Hartsville a recognized name beyond the region. Additions like the Neptune Island and the EdVenture children’s museum, coming soon downtown, help our community establish a reputation as a traveler’s destination. We want to create and foster more features that improve the quality of life in our area. The aim is to make Hartsville a place people want to visit, relocate, and strengthen.

Accordingly, we have a commitment to supporting innovation and entrepreneurship. We have a diverse workforce, culture and creative energy, and we work to bring more jobs to the area. The continued reinvention of our downtown has increased Hartsville’s business appeal, and we honor Hartsville’s tradition of industrial leadership in the Carolinas by providing incentives for startup and established companies new to our area. Last year, the City Council authorized the establishment of a new Hartsville industrial park. The park is comprised of several parcels of land totaling 225 acres. With facilities constructed along S. Marquis Hwy (Route 15), its location provides railroad access, allowing greater potential for distribution. Projects like this are vital to advancing our desire to increase investment in the Hartsville. Economic development means increased tax revenues, and that translates into better public services and more improvements to all areas of the city. Economic growth encourages investment. Investment encourages an increase in local goods and services, creating a cycle of sustainable economic growth.

Not everyone will be onboard with change. Some are naturally inclined to resist new things, and that is okay. City leadership appreciates having a variety of perspectives, and we believe in allowing opportunities for citizens to share their opinions. But things will continue to develop. Change is the only constant and, if Hartsville hopes to thrive, we must embrace that change. To compete in a 21st century economy, we must use our resources and talent to build the City of Hartsville as a community moving forward into the future. To that end, it’s important that whatever resistance residents offer, it is presented constructively. The City is always interested in hearing helpful suggestions and practical solutions.

The goal is to make sure Hartsville is an environment that promotes an active quality of life, while also welcoming business and expansion. Together, we should work to do everything we can to help grow and develop. We want Hartsville to be known as a small but remarkable city. We want to establish our position as premiere location not just in South Carolina but in the country. We want to make sure that when people outside of Hartsville hear our name they remember it, and all the work that makes us great.

Natalie Zeigler is the City Manager of Hartsville. For more information, call City Hall at 843.383.3015 or email info@hartsvillesc.gov.