Whether you are opening a new business, rebranding your business by changing your sign, or moving to a new location you will need to obtain a Sign Permit from the City of Hartsville.

The Architectural Review Board must review and approve all applications for sign and awning changes in the City’s downtown B1 zoning district.

Regulations regarding signs in the City of Hartsville are outlined in Article VII of the City of Hartsville Zoning Ordinance. A sign/awning permit application is required for all permanent business signs. Regulations regarding maximum number of signs and the size of the signs are determined by the zoning district where the business is located.

There are various types of signs available to business within the City of Hartsville. The sign type best suited for you may depend on your type of business and characteristics of your location.

When submitting your sign application, please ensure that each application is accompanied by two sets of plans demonstrating the size, character, color, letter style and design proposed, the method of illumination, if any; the exact location of the proposed sign, including a site diagram, and in the case of suspended or projecting signs, the method of mounting each sign and its supporting structure.