The Planning and Development department propose and implement plans that improve, and preserve, the quality of life in City of Hartsville. Promoting orderly and controlled development allows us to plan for current and future needs. The department is responsible for zoning issues, issuing permits, initiating annexations, as well as developing a Comprehensive Plan in coordination with the Planning and Zoning Commission. They also ensure all construction and renovation projects meet state guidelines, ICC standards, land use ordinances, and local regulations before work begins. Tax maps and zoning maps are available for viewing in the planning offices.

Senior Planner Brenda Kelley serves as staff advisor of the City of Hartsville Planning Commission, and Planner I Heather Garrison serves as staff advisor to the City of Hartsville Architectural Review Board.

Planning documents

  • Hartsville Master Plan – The City of Hartsville Master Plan is focused on addressing the design quality and appeal of downtown Hartsville as well as the major corridors leading into the City, including Fourth, Fifth and Sixth streets, Carolina Avenue and the Oakdale neighborhood. In addition to improving the gateways into Hartsville, the plan has the goals of making the City a vibrant college town, providing diverse housing options and improving coordination between local organizations.
  • South Hartsville Heritage Alive: A Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy – This neighborhood revitalization strategy was created by a Community Planning Assistance Team, a group of volunteer experts from the American Planning Association, after a period of gathering information and ideas from the residents of South Hartsville in 2014.  The group’s original presentation is available here.
  • Hartsville 2020 Plan – Reviewed and recommended by the Hartsville Planning Commission, this comprehensive plan for the City of Hartsville was adopted by City Council on February 12, 2008. It covers how Hartsville will remain attractive, progressive and economically vibrant in the coming years through planning for economic development and residents as well as natural resources, cultural resources and infrastructure.

Brenda Kelley
Senior Planner
Office phone: 843.383.3009

Hartsville City Hall
100 E. Carolina Ave.

P.O. Drawer 2497
Hartsville, SC 29551