Lauren Baker, City of Hartsville Public Information Officer

For Immediate Release — September 17, 2018

Contaminated Water Backups as a Result of Heavy Rainfall

Hartsville, SC –As a part of the aftermath of the heavy rains associated with Hurricane Florence, the water systems in the city have reached a critical point and residents may begin to see wastewater coming up through the man holes and into some streets around the city. The heavy rainfall that the water systems upstream received combined with the rain we received locally has resulted in a backup of our wastewater systems in and around Black Creek where our pump stations are located. The influx of water flooding into our pump stations will cause them to lose power and not be able to pump the wastewater into the treatment plant.

We advise residents to stay out of water in the streets and areas near Black Creek and Prestwood Lake as it may be contaminated with wastewater emerging from man holes connected to the city’s wastewater system.  Drinking water will not be affected as a result of this backup. In addition, our Public Services Department constantly monitors and tests the drinking water levels and will keep residents informed of any changes with the drinking water system.