By: Russell Slatton
Public Services Director

One of the main services that our City provides to residents is its public services: water, trash, and sewer. Although it is the Public Services department’s responsibility to ensure that trash is collected on time, city water is running, and storm drains are clear of debris, it is a shared responsibility with residents to keep our community clean and beautiful.

Our department has conducted extensive research and trial runs into the efficiency of a better collection route which began this past Monday, August 14. Not only is this new route cost effective, but it also allows City staff one extra day a week for maintenance of equipment and collection of waste should an unforeseen event occurs.

Additionally, our department has made changes in the way that it communicates to our residents. While SeeClickFix allows residents to notify us of issues to be fixed, our new Sanitation Services app allows us to notify residents of collection delays. These communication outlets along with the new collection routes allows our department to deliver high quality customer service. The Hartsville Sanitation Services app can be downloaded by searching in your mobile app store. New trash schedules can also be downloaded on the City’s website,

A second responsibility of the department is maintaining several storm drains. Residents can assist our department in eliminating flooding by keeping storm drains free of debris. This waste has the potential to run into a drain during a storm and create clogs which then can flood streets and yards. Additionally, trash filled with storm water can create breeding sites for mosquitoes that potentially carry diseases.

Our department will continue to work towards a high level of customer service in its responsibilities to the community as well as engaging residents in education on disposal of waste and assistance in keeping our community clean.

I invite residents to engage with our department with questions, concerns, or ideas about how to better serve in the beautification of our community. City staff in cooperation with residents can improve our Public Services.

Russell Slatton is the Public Services Director of Hartsville. For more information, call the Public Service Department at 843.383.3006.