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For Immediate Release — June 4, 2018

City of Hartsville prepares for the 2018 hurricane season

Hartsville, SC – This past weekend marked the start of the 2018 hurricane season. Forecasters estimate that it will produce at least as many storms as an average season would, and possibly more. As with every storm season, preparation is the key to making sure you and your family weather the storm safely. The Hartsville Fire Department reminds us that taking precautionary measures to plan for a weather emergency is necessary to ensure the wellbeing of our community and encourages everyone to take the following steps to ensure your protection this Hurricane Season:

  1. Sign-up for CodeRed, the City of Hartsville’s free emergency notification system.
  2. Study the South Carolina Hurricane Guide prepared by the SC Emergency Management Division at
  3. Create an emergency plan and supply kit for your family with information from
  4. Check the National Weather Service website for the latest weather information.
  5. Contact the Hartsville Fire Department with any questions about emergency preparedness at 843.383.3000.

The City of Hartsville and it’s agencies are active throughout the year to plan and prepare for weather emergencies, even conducting simulation events to practice various scenarios.

The Hartsville Fire Department serves as the Emergency Operations Center for the City and the Fire Chief serves as the Emergency Operations Manager. Leading up to an expected event, all vehicles will be inspected and made sure they are ready for service. Generators will be checked and made ready for service. The fire station will be prepared to serve as sector site. Food and supplies will be stocked and equipment will be staged in accordance with the City’s action plan while personnel will be given duty assignments and

The Hartsville Police Department assists victims and maintains order in severe weather. HPD officers must still handle the same types of calls they receive routinely in addition to working in the hazards of extreme weather, be it snow, ice, sleet, hail, winds, torrential rain, or flooding. Their primary concern in most weather emergencies is the safe travel of people through the City, and they may close roads or divert traffic where needed, especially in flooding situations and where there are downed trees. We ask that in all cases of extreme weather, if you don’t have to be outside in it, please stay off of the roads. HPD reminds us that the best defense is preparation.

Chief Burr, the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, said, “Hartsville has a history of great partnerships where the Hartsville Fire Department and other City agencies, along with staff and members of our community who volunteer, come together in the aftermath of storms to share resources, help clean up our neighborhoods, and take care of one another. The spirit of community and volunteerism is remarkable in Hartsville, and is something we should all be proud of.”

The City of Hartsville Fire Department is a progressive and professional organization placing high value on Hartsville residents, business owners, and visitors to the community, and is proud to serve. For more information, visit or follow @HartsvilleFD on Facebook.

The Hartsville Police Department is committed to preserving, protecting and enhancing the quality of life in our community. They practice community-based policing and value partnerships with citizens and neighborhood organizations. For more information, visit or follow @HartsvillePD on Facebook.

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