Brenda Kelley is Hartsville’s Hidden Hero for the month of July. Kelley has been with the City of Hartsville for 23 years and is currently the Business Development Manager in the City’s Navigator Department. Brenda is one of the lovely faces that greet business owners, developers, and anyone that may have a question about doing business in Hartsville in the Business Development Office also known as The Navigator.

One of Brenda’s favorite parts about her job is helping to build relationships with people and working together with them to help solve any problems that they may have. In the end, it is very gratifying to her to help people as they work to achieve dreams that they may have.

When talking to Brenda’s co-workers, the word help seemed to come up in almost every sentence. Brenda is known for being willing and able to help solve problems for people. Even if she isn’t the one to actually solve the problem, she is certainly willing to help them talk to the person that can.

Businesses in Hartsville should be thankful to have an advocate like Brenda Kelley on their side to work daily making sure that their best interests are considered no matter the situation.

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