Hartsville’s Hidden Hero for the month of August is Randy Byrd. Randy is the City of Hartsville’s Meter Crew Supervisor and has worked with the City for 21 years. Randy is a lifelong Hartsville resident that has stayed and faithfully served Hartsville through the years. He first began his career reading meters before technology was upgraded to digital meters. Through the years, Randy has seen many changes in his field from both people to technology and more, but he has remained loyal to the citizens of Hartsville serving them each day. Randy’s responsibilities now include checking problem meters and replacing them as needed. This is an important job to the City residents because it ensures that their services are not disturbed or interrupted.

Randy appreciates everything about his job and you can certainly tell that by hearing him talk about the services he is able to provide to Hartsville residents. In today’s world, it is rather unusual to hear of someone working for the same organization for over 20 years, but the City of Hartsville is very thankful for Randy’s service through the years. Randy is known by his peers as a gentle and kind person that everyone enjoys being able to work with.