Recently, the City of Hartsville hired a new Codes and Licensing Officer to continue efforts that will keep Hartsville buildings safe and the community clean of trash and debris. Codes and Licensing Officer Jessica Lynch began her new role since in Dec. of 2016.

“I am looking forward to working with City staff, residents, and businesses on keeping Hartsville beautiful. Efforts cannot be carried by the City alone; the community must have an investment and must keep neighbors accountable”, says Lynch.

The Codes and Licensing Officer ensures proper maintenance of private and commercial property including trash disposals, inoperative vehicles, and other code violations. In line with these responsibilities, Lynch will work with residents and businesses to resolve issues that impact the quality of life in Hartsville according to City adopted code.

“A strong codes enforcement leads to cleaner looking areas and in turn reduces crime. When people are educated and aware of City adopted code, they become better advocates of these codes. This is a thankless and necessary job that we are fortunate enough to have found a strong person up to the task”, says City Manager, Natalie Zeigler.

For questions about codes or to report a violation, contact the Business Navigator at 843.383.3025. Residents can also report non-emergency issues such as code violations by using the SeeClickFix mobile app available in the app store.