Recyclers of the Month June 2015Cheryl and Johnny Taylor are the City of Hartsville’s Recyclers of the Month for June 2015.

The Taylors say they often recycle items like newspapers, cans and bottles. Johnny said that if he ends up with a plastic bottle on hand when he’s away from home, he always takes care to bring it home and place it in his recycling bin.

“I save everything I can,” he said.

Cheryl said she has become impressed by the number of consumer items which now contain recycled material.

“That’s really good, that you can recycle stuff, make something new out of it, reuse it,” she said.

As the Recyclers of the Month, the Taylor family received a yard sign as well as a Main Street Hartsville downtown gift certificate.

The award program highlights those city residents participating in the City of Hartsville’s recycling program, a partnership between the City and Sonoco. To learn more about guidelines for recycling in Hartsville, visit the Garbage, Recycling and Yard Debris page. To request a recycling roll cart, call Environmental Services at (843) 383-3019.