The contractor for the South Carolina Department of Transportation plans to switch the traffic pattern around the roundabout construction on Friday, February 22nd. This traffic pattern switch will open West Carolina Avenue (using the roundabout) and close West Home Avenue and Trailwood Drive near the roundabout. We ask that everyone please exercise an abundance of patience and caution during this transition for your safety and the safety of those around you.


Road Closures

A portion of West Home Avenue near the West Carolina Avenue roundabout will be closed.

Trailwood Drive (14th Street Extension)  will be open to local traffic only. The portion closest to the West Carolina Avenue Roundabout will be closed.


West Home Avenue: Traffic bound for West Home Avenue should detour via 10th Street as it connects West Carolina Avenue and West Home Avenue.

Trailwood Drive (14th Street Extension): Traffic using Trailwood Drive bound for Downtown Hartsville should detour via Golf Course Road, take a right onto Lakeview Boulevard, and a right onto North 5th Street into Downtown. Traffic using Trailwood Drive bound for Highway 151 should detour via Golf Course Road, take a left onto New Market Road, and a left onto Highway 151.

Safety Tips

We ask drivers to please exercise an abundance of caution as everyone is learning to use the new roundabout. Below are a few safety tips for roundabouts.

  • Slow Down: Follow the posted speed limit sign as it is in place for your safety.
  • Counter-Clockwise Flow: Traffic flows counter-clockwise through the round about. If the destination is to the left of the roundabout, drivers should still take a right and follow the circle until they reach the exit in which they wish to use.
  • Yield at Entry: Look to the left and yield to vehicles already inside the roundabout.
  • Keep Moving: Once in the roundabout, drivers have the right-of-way. Vehicles wishing to enter the roundabout must yield to drivers in the roundabout.
  • Truck Apron: Drivers will notice in the center of the roundabout is a slightly raised surface. This surface is not intended for cars to drive on, rather for trucks, emergency vehicles, buses, and other large vehicles to have a little more room to maneuver the roundabout.
  • Pedestrian Crossing: There are Pedestrian Crossing areas in the roundabout. Drivers should be alert for pedestrians entering these areas and allow them to cross before proceeding to drive in the roundabout. Pedestrians should only cross in the designated crossing areas.
  • Exit the Roundabout: There are four exits on the roundabout to assist drivers with reaching their intended destination. Use the first exit to turn right, use the second exit to go straight, use the third exit to turn left, use the fourth exit to make a u-turn.