Mark Blair, Hartsville Police Department Public Information Officer

The Hartsville Police Department wishes you a safe, happy Memorial Day

For Immediate Release — May 26, 2018

Hartsville, SC – The Hartsville Police Department hopes that many of you plan to spend some time outdoors with friends and family this Memorial Day weekend as we all honor the brave veterans who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country for us. We also hope that we all have a safe weekend and remember to enjoy ourselves responsibly.

For many, Memorial Day is a time to enjoy South Carolina’s great spring weather with a backyard beer. For those who choose to drink alcohol, please remember that you have a responsibility to do so safely and protect yourself, your family, and your community. Always be sure to have a designated driver if you need one and commit to taking the keys from and helping find a ride for anyone who can’t drive safely. Remember these simple rules to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your friends:

  • Buckle up. Using your seatbelt isn’t only the law, it’s the best defense if you’re in a crash. Always wear your seatbelt.
  • Drive sober. Plan your designated driver and take the keys away from friends or family that are drinking this weekend. Find a safe ride home.
  • Never drive distracted. Distracted driving can be as dangerous as drunk driving. Put down your phone and concentrate on driving. Avoid other distractions that divert your full attention to the road. It can wait!
  • Report drunk drivers. Drunk drivers kill. If you see someone who isn’t driving safely, protect yourself and your loved ones by calling 911. You could save a life.

South Carolina has had fewer traffic deaths this year compared to the same time last year. The Hartsville Police Department and our partner law enforcement agencies are committed to keeping our roadways safe and keeping that statistic low. We will have increased enforcement of impaired driving and safety laws on our roads. We ask that you have the same commitment and help us keep our community safe this Memorial Day weekend.

Hartsville Police Department’s enhanced enforcement efforts are supported by a Highway Safety Grant from the South Carolina Department of Public Safety.

The Hartsville Police Department is committed to preserving, protecting and enhancing the quality of life in our community. They practice community-based policing and value partnerships with citizens and neighborhood organizations. For more information, visit, follow @HartsvillePD on Facebook, or call 843.383.3011.