Project Description

Hartsville’s Vision 2030 Plan represents the City’s vision, strategy, and goals as serves as a guide for all of the City’s projects and priorities.

Hartsville Vision 2030 updates the city’s last comprehensive plan completed in 2010. The Planning Commission element committees consisted of approximately 100 team members and began meeting at the end of 2017. In 2018, element committees met at least monthly and sometimes semi-monthly. The Planning Commission held a public hearing on June 25, 2018, in Council Chambers to provide the public with an update featuring a PowerPoint presentation and solicited public input. 

The Hartsville 2030 Plan was reviewed and recommended by the Hartsville Planning Commission and was adopted by the City Council on January 12, 2021.

Mission Statement

By 2030, Hartsville becomes a recognized leader of South Carolina cities for achieving smart growth. Through a focus on economic development, education, innovation, entrepreneurship and a superior quality of life; Hartsville will attract, develop and retain talent while building a collaborative and connected community that serves all of its citizens. Leveraging the leadership and progress that led to winning All America City twice in 20 years, and the inherent advantages of its progressive community, Hartsville will become the preferred destination and recognized economic engine for the region. 

The overlying philosophy, goals, and objectives of the City of Hartsville’s Vision 2030 Comprehensive Plan are the result of several sessions during which the public was invited to contribute ideas with committees working on each element. Planning Commissioners facilitated discussions among business and community leaders, local professionals, city staff members and citizens who were interested in providing input. With those ideas gathered, City staff completed additional background research and assembled the plan into an organized whole. 

This plan provides insight into existing conditions and establishes a vision through the implementation of goals and objectives within each element. Vision Hartsville will serve as a guide to positively influence the future growth while fostering a strong and resilient community. 

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