Any business located within the City of Hartsville or performing work within the city limits is required to obtain a business license each year. Business licenses may be obtained at Hartsville City Hall, 100 E Carolina Ave, in the Navigator Department (Weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.). You can also apply online.

Licenses are valid from January 1st through December 31st. Renewals must occur by April 30th of the following year to avoid a penalty. A 5% per month penalty is assessed for any license not renewed by April 30th.

Applications must be approved by the Building Official and must meet all criteria for building, zoning, fire and safety codes. Contractors operating within the city are required to provide a copy of their SC State Contractors or Home Builders license prior to applying for a business license. Taxi cab companies are subject to additional requirements and should consult Navigator staff or see link below for additional information.

Please contact Karine Thomas, the City of Hartsville Business and Permitting Specialist at 843.339.2868 with any questions.

For business license renewals, the license fee is based on gross income on the preceding calendar or fiscal year. For new businesses, the license fee is based on a 12 month projected income. Renewal information is mailed in December each year. If you do not receive renewal information by December 31, please contact Navigator staff. Rates are tiered based on the type of business. There is a base rate on the first $2,000 of gross income, then an amount for each $1,000 in excess of $2,000.

Steps for submitting a business license application:

  1. Submit written form in person, online, or via mail
  2. Staff reviews and determines rates based on NAICS code.
  3. Staff contacts applicant to provide cost of fee.
    *Note if you do not receive information within 2 business days please contact the City to ensure proper mailing and contact information.
  4. Applicant pays via phone, mailed check or money order or in person.


City of Hartsville Business License Application
MASC Standard Business License Application
Business License Rate Schedule
• Taxi Cab Services (more details coming soon)