Pennington-Mel-2012Carl Melvin Pennington IV


Term Expires: November 2017

Carl Melvin Pennington IV is a fourth-generation funeral director and embalmer at Brown-Pennington-Atkins Funeral Home in Hartsville, South Carolina, where he also serves as Mayor of the City.

In addition to his Associate Degree in Funeral Science and Funeral Arts from Fayetteville Technical Community College, Pennington holds a Bachelor of Science in Retail Management.  He is a founding partner of Pennington & Bailes, a national apparel line of collegiate licensed products, and in 2005 he was selected as the youngest recipient of the Businessman of the Year.  He is a member of several state boards and charitable organizations, a Past Master of the Hartsville Masonic Lodge, and former President of the Hartsville Kiwanis Club. Pennington carries with him an expansive marketing knowledge and real-world experience putting 21st century strategies into practice.  He has a proven track record of utilizing emerging technologies to strengthen charitable organizations, local governments and small businesses.

He is married to Kerri Byerly Woodham Pennington and they have two children, McCanless and Mary Clare Pennington.