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The City of Hartsville collects a local 2% hospitality tax on sales of prepared foods and beverages sold within the city. The tax is collected from the customer and remitted by the vendor to the city.

If the average tax is less than $25 per month, the fee may be remitted on an annual basis. If the average tax is $25-$50 per month, the fee may be remitted on a quarterly basis. If the average tax is more than $50 per month, the fee must be remitted on a monthly basis. Taxes and remittance forms are due by the 20th of the month for taxes collected in the previous period. Taxes paid on or before the 20th are eligible for a 2% discount. A penalty of 10% per month is applied for any taxes paid after the 20th.

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Hospitality Tax Payment

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Hospitality Tax

Enter the business' accommodations gross proceeds for Sales, Rentals and Withdrawals for Own Use, (include Food Sales), in $ (USD), for the tax period. See SC Department of Revenue State Sales and Use Tax Return Form ST-3 Line 1. Enter "0" if none.
Enter the total value of applicable exclusions in $ (USD); enter "0" if none.
Describe the exclusions claimed to calculate the total above.
This is the net about of sales to be taxed after accounting for exclusions. It is calculated automatically.
This is the 0.2% tax due on the net taxable sales without any discounts or penalties. This field is calculated automatically.
This discount only applies to for timely returns. It is calculated automatically.
This 10% penalty only applies to delinquent returns. This return becomes delinquent if it is filed after the 20th day of the month following the close of the period. It is calculated automatically.
This in the final tax amount due for the Accommodations tax payment, including discounts or penalties. It is calculated automatically.
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