Coach T.B. Thomas Sports Center Membership Application

Members of the Coach T.B. Thomas Sports Center enjoy many benefits, including access to our gym and fitness classes. Learn more about our Programs at our Coach T.B. Thomas Sports Center webpage.

Contact Parks & Rec at 843.339.2878 or if you have any questions about applying.

  • There are no contracts or joining fees for memberships.
  • Prices are not prorated for partial months. That is, if you join on September 10, the cost for that month is the full listed monthly price.
  • Annual memberships are 12 months from month of purchase. That is, memberships do not expire on December 31 of each year, but rather one year after you join.
  • Members must bring their payment receipt or photo ID for entry with each visit.

Applicant Information

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Membership Type

  • Everyone is welcome at the Coach T.B. Thomas Sports Center and gym. Special rates are available for students, seniors, and families. Family rates are available to adults and any dependent children living in the same home.
  • City of Hartsville employees receive a free family membership. Applications for this membership must first be approved by HR
Membership Per Month Per Year
(50 & Up)
$5 $50
(Age 13-21)
$5 $50
(Age 22-49)
$15 $150
Yearly Family   $250
Indicate whether or not you are directly employed by the City of Hartsville, SC, Government.
By selecting the City of Hartsville Government Employee Free Family Plan, you acknowledge that you understand that this benefit of employment is subject to approval from the City of Hartsville Department of Human Resources. Checking this box is required for all City of Hartsville Government employee applications.
If you pay your water bill to the City of Hartsville, you are considered a City resident.
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Applicant Family Members

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Terms & Conditions

Any family member who is Applicant’s spouse or Applicant’s adult child (18 yrs. Or older) must co-sign this application or complete a separate application as Applicant.

Activities on City of Hartsville (City) property shall not discriminate based on race, religion, color, national origin, sex, disability or age. Understanding the risks of are necessarily associated with participation in recreational programs and use of recreational facilities and equipment, I assume full responsibility for myself and those and those persons listed above for all such risks; and, for myself and all those persons, I fully release the City and the County of Darlington (County), their staff, employees, and volunteers acting on their behalf, from any liability arising from our participation in, and use of, the said recreational programs, facilities, and equipment. As the person responsible for myself and those listed above, I also fully indemnify and hold the City and County harmless from any and all claims by others arising from our participation in, and use of, the said recreational programs, facilities and equipment. For myself and for the above listed persons, I consent to any medical treatment necessitated by injuries sustained at any City recreational facility, including transportation and treatment at the nearest emergency care facility.

I have read and understand the terms and conditions of this membership, and will abide by any County and City rules and regulations regarding their recreational programs, facilities and equipment, including those rules printed on the back or attached to, this application.

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