Vendor Permit Application

Complete and submit this form to apply for a temporary event Vendor Permit, sometimes known as a Peddler's Permit or License. This form is also available as a printable PDF.

Event Information

Information about the event at which you will be vending.

Vendor Information

The contact information for a the vendor.
The name of the vendor business, if applicable.
First name (given name)
Last name (surname)
A short description of the business' vending activities at this event.
List the number and size. Be sure to also note their location on the attached map.
Will food items be cooked, prepared, distributed, or sold at event?

Outdoor cooking must meet S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) standards. For more information on these standards, contact DHEC at 843.661.4858.

If using propane gas, you must have at least one (1) approved and certified fire extinguisher for every two cooking stations while maintaining a three (3) foot clearance for any and all combustible and ignition sources.

Cooking stations shall be no closer than 10 feet from any buildings means of entrance/exit.

Describe steps being taken to ensure fire safety at the event.
Will any type of alcohol be served at the event?

SC State law requires sponsors to obtain a temporary license prior to conducting an event (public or private); visit the SC DOR or call 803.898.5864.

If the event is held on City of Hartsville property, a liquor liability insurance policy is required, and can be purchased through TULIP at OneBeacon Entertainment using ID code 0501-668.

Describe steps being taken to encourage safe drinking and prevent underage drinking: ex. tickets, armbands, or security.

Notes on fees:

A Vendor’s License Fee is $25; permits should be obtained by the vendor and are available through the Business Navigator at 843.383.3025. The fee will be billed separately after the application is reviewed and approved.

A flat fee of $25.00 is charged for all approved peddler's licenses.

Hold Harmless Clause

Permitter/organization hereby shall assume all risks incidental to or in connection with the permitted activity and shall be solely responsible for damages, or injury, of whatever kind or nature to person or property directly or indirectly arising out of or in connection with the permitted activity or the conduct of permittee’s operation. Permitter hereby expressly agrees to defend and save the City harmless from any penalties for violation of law, ordinance, or regulation affecting its activity and from any and all claims, suits, loss of damages, or injuries directly or indirectly arising out of or in connection with the permitted activity or conduct of its operation or resulting from the negligence or intentional acts or omission of permittee or its officers, agents, and employees.

Select "Yes" to indicate that you have read, understand, and agree to the terms of this application, the Hold Harmless Clause, and event rules as described.
Type your full legal name.
Your title as it relates to the event or sponsoring organization.