Use the form below to request for a Hartsville Police Officer to speak to a group.

Request a Police Officer to Speak
  1. This request must be scheduled 14 days in advance of the event.
  2. This request will be processed and you will be contacted for further information.
  3. Receipt of this request by the Hartsville Police Department does not guarantee participation by fire service at the event.
  4. If you have any questions, please call the Police Department at 843-383-3011.

Requester Information

Enter the contact information for the requester
First (given) name
Last (surname) name.

Event Information

Enter information about the event and location.
Enter the date that you'd like to have the event.
Please enter a second-choice date in case Department representatives are not available on your preferred date.
Select whether you'd like to have the event at the Police Department or another site, such as your school or business. For "Other," a physical address is required.
Start typing the street address of the location to see a list of possible matches. Select an option from the list of options to auto-complete the address.
Please describe the event, its attendees, and your needs for the police officer.