Zoning and Code Compliance Application

Complete and submit this form to apply for a Zoning and Code Compliance review. Any business moving into a new location must submit this form. This is also known as a change of use application. It is also available as a downloadable PDF.

Applicant Information

First name (given name)
Last name (surname)

Property Information

Start typing the street address to see a list of possible matches. Select an option from the list to auto-complete the address.

Zoning District Lookup

Find the zoning district using the online City of Hartsville Zoning map.

Tax Map Number Lookup

Find the tax map number using the online Darlington County Property Record Search website.

Building Owner Mailing Address

Other Information

Briefly describe the new business proposed for the above location.
Describe any improvements or alterations to the building or parking area, including expansions or reductions.