The City of Hartsville’s City Council approved amendments to the City’s codes in July of 2017 to align the regulations with those of the 2015 International Code Council 2015 IPMC Codes. Council’s amendment, Ordinance 4291, is available for download as a PDF, as is the full text of the ICC’s 2015 IPMC.

The City of Hartsville uses SeeClickFix to track and manage various issues around the city. With SeeClickFix, residents can report to the city everything from missed trash pickups to stormwater clogs, graffiti, broken streetlights and signs, downed trees and unsafe buildings. In addition to providing locations for the reported issues, users may also include photos to illustrate their concerns.

After an issue is reported, City staff acknowledges issues and provide updates as information is available, giving users a chance to follow along with issues and ask questions as needed. SeeClickFix can be used through an Internet browser and is also available through mobile devices, both through the App Store and through Google Play.

Open SeeClickFix

In addition to the website, the mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.