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City of Hartsville regulations and programs

Hartsville’s Economic Development Incentive Program – This program allows the City of Hartsville may make offers increasing Hartsville’s attractiveness to private developers interested in investing in developing new commercial construction and the rehabilitation of existing buildings located downtown and the corridors of Fourth, Fifth and Sixth streets.

Local Accommodations Tax, Local Hospitality Tax – Accommodations taxes are collected by the State of South Carolina and the City of Hartsville, and a Local Hospitality Tax is also collected by the City of Hartsville. These funds are allocated for a variety of purposes, including advertising, promotion and tourism.

Sidewalk Dining Permits – These permits may be obtained for establishments in the downtown (B-1) district.

Sidewalk Vending Permits – More information coming soon.

Smoke-Free Hartsville Ordinance – This ordinance prohibits smoking in public places and places of employment.

Strategic Investment Zones (PDF) – Local ordinance allowing for incentive agreements to support development or redevelopment of infill parcels in the designated Strategic Investment Zones.

Federal & State Regulations

Several federal and state requirements exist for those who plan to hire employees. Employers must file a form SS-4 with the Internal Revenue Service and the IRS will assign an employer identification number to your business. You will be liable for Federal withholding taxes and FICA.  The toll free number to order the SS-4 form is 1-800-424-FORM (3676).

Retail licenses are required by some businesses and are issued by the SC Department of Revenue.

Restaurants, grocery stores, or other businesses that handle food must obtain the approval of the health department prior to operations. If any alcohol is served, an ABC permit is required by state law.

Many professions and contractors must also be licensed by the State of South Carolina, and to work in Hartsville contractors must obtain a SC State Contractors or Home Builder’s license prior to approval for a city business license.

Local Links

The City of Hartsville is committed to the success of the businesses which call it home. The links below connect to many organizations and resources which can be helpful for local businesses.

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