The City Council for the City of Hartsville enacted a Food Truck ordinance in August of 2017 in response to public request for more and varied food options in town. The City’s ordinance allows for permitted food trucks to operate in the City of Hartsville on public or private property, with permission in either case, in various zones around town. Article IV Division 2 of the City Code, discusses food trucks.

Food trucks have been a fun addition to events all over town. If you’re interested in starting a food truck business or operating your truck in Hartsville, we’ve compiled an FAQ about food trucks in Hartsville and information about applying for a food truck permit below.

If you have any questions, please contact the Business Navigator and our specialists will be glad to help.

Permit Application Submission Requirements

Food Truck Permit Applications must be submitted with required documentation included. Proof of required licenses and permits must be provided in order to receive permit confirmation. Learn more about the Submission Requirements by downloading this PDF.

Food Truck Permit Applications

After reviewing the submission requirements above, download our Food Truck Permit Application (PDF) to apply for a Food Truck Permit. Completed applications and accompanying documentation can be submitted to the Business Navigator.

Mobile Food Vendor/Food Truck Ordinance Frequently Asked Questions

A. Yes. The business license shall be calculated using the same rate as a restaurant.
A. Yes. A DHEC permit is required prior to the issuance of a business license and a decal permit is required at the time of issuance.
A. The decal costs $300.00 and is renewed annually. If issued after January, the initial permit fee shall be prorated for the number of months remaining in the calendar. The permit and decal are issued to a specific vendor for a specific vehicle. If a vendor operates more than one (1) mobile food vehicle in the city limits, he/she must obtain a decal permit for each vehicle.
A. Yes. The applicant must provide proof of general liability insurance for the operation of the vehicle as a motor vehicle and the conduct of the business if the business is to be conducted on public streets or city-owned property.
A. The amount shall be determined by the city in consultation with its risk manager.
A. Yes. A trash receptacle of sufficient size shall be provided. In addition, the vendor shall pick up litter, which is associated with the vendor’s sales in the vicinity prior to departing the location.
A. This is a basis of suspension or revocation of the business license.
A. Yes. All exterior body-work and mechanical equipment shall be maintained in good and clean condition and free of excessive wear and damage. All exterior paint-work shall be maintained in good condition. All windshield and window glass shall be maintained free from cracks, scratches, pitting, abrasions, etc.
A. Foods shall be limited to edibles and hot and cold beverages.
A. Yes. The mobile food vendor is responsible for collecting the fee from patrons on all prepared foods and beverages for immediate consumption.
A. Yes. The SCDHEC report shall show a posted grade, unless exempt.
A. Special events in the city have their own guidelines. The food truck ordinance will not change those rules. However, the special event process will not be used to circumvent the ordinance. If a food truck is operating, other than as a part of a special event, the owner shall be required to obtain a permit and business license.
A. No, if they are a part of a permitted special event. Yes, if they want to operate on a regular basis.
A. 150 feet walking distance from the principal public entrance.
A. Yes. If the vendor provides written documentation that the restaurant owner supports a closer proximity.
A. The vendor may remain in that location until the following annual decal permit is due, at such time they shall obtain written permission from the new restaurant owner.
A. Written permission shall be renewed annually. The restaurant owner may or may not give written permission in subsequent years.
A. The B-1, B-2, B-3, M-1 & M-2 zoning districts (online zone map). The vendor shall provide the city written permission from the property owner. A zoning district map of Hartsville is available online.
A. 6:00am – midnight. The vendor may apply for additional authorization to operate outside of these hours.
A. The vendor shall remove the vehicle and all materials associated with the business at the end of each business day’s operation.