Senator Gerald Malloy to Present Grant Check for Restoration and Preservation of Greenlawn and Marion Avenue Cemeteries

Media Contact: Michelle Byers Brown, Director of Tourism & Communications/Public Information Officer 843.799.7584 (cell) or

Hartsville, SC: The City of Hartsville is proud to announce a grant presentation by Senator Gerald Malloy, dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the historic Greenlawn and Marion Avenue Cemeteries. The event will be held at the Marion Avenue Cemetery, 8th Street Entrance, on Monday, July 1, 2024, at 9:30 AM.

The grant, provided by the South Carolina Department of Archives and History, was sponsored by Senator Malloy to ensure restoration and preservation of these culturally and historically significant sites. Both Greenlawn and Marion Avenue Cemeteries hold immense cultural value for Hartsville, particularly for the African American community. These cemeteries serve as vital historical, architectural, and archeological artifacts, offering direct insights into the community’s past.

Hartsville’s Mayor Casey Hancock expressed gratitude, stating, “We are deeply grateful for Senator Malloy’s leadership and dedication to improving our community. This grant takes a needed step towards preserving our heritage and ensuring these sacred sites remain accessible and respected for generations to come.”

The restoration project addresses crucial preservation needs to prevent these sites from becoming inaccessible due to erosion, overgrowth, and weathering. The City of Hartsville recognizes the importance of this initiative not only in preserving historical resources but also in honoring the final resting places of past generations.

This project marks the first phase of a larger planning process that includes securing the properties and making general improvements. Specific enhancements for Greenlawn Cemetery include ornamental fencing, brick entrance signage, paving of the drive gate, and comprehensive landscaping and irrigation. For Marion Avenue Cemetery, the plans include new sidewalks and a parking lot, ornamental fencing, drive and pedestrian gates with gate columns, and enhanced landscaping and irrigation.