Building Permit Fee Estimator

Use this calculator to estimate the permit fee for a building construction project permit.

Permit Fee Estimator

The use of this estimator is optional. The estimator calculates the estimated permit fee based on the information provided. The fee amount will be verified during application review and an invoice will be sent for the final amount when it is approved.

To use the fee estimator, select one or more Nature of Work choices and enter the Valuation (project cost) in the fields below. Finally, select whether or not you would like to apply a plan review fee to the estimate. The calculation will update to reflect your choices.

Check all that apply
Select "yes" if you would like to apply a plan review fee to your estimate. Usually applied to large projects, when applicable, a review fee equal to 50% of the permit cost is added to the total application fee. The application review process will determine whether or not the review fee is applied in the final application fee.
The building permit fee is the sum of the flat and additional fees above.
For valuations over $1000, a plan review fee equal to half the cost of the permit fee is required.
This is the total estimated fee for this permit application. This amount will be adjusted if necessary before the permit is issued and the fee becomes due.

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