Use this online form to apply for a permit for a commercial building construction project. This form is also available as a downloadable PDF.


Commercial Building Permit Application


  1. We request that a Tax Map ID Number for the property under contract is included with this application. Tax Map ID Numbers can be found using the online Darlington County Property Record Search website. While the ID number is not required, including it will expedite your application's review.
  2. A Contract attachment field is included below. Please scan the contract/invoice to support the cost of project to include with this application.
  3. A completed Letter of Authorization from the building's owner is required to submit this form. Click here to download a blank form.


  1. Any person who commences any work on a building, structure, electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing system before obtaining the necessary permits and licenses shall have the permit fee doubled for the first (1st offense) and tripled for the second offense and every offense thereafter, within the city’s fiscal year (July 1st – June 30th). Payment of such fees shall not relieve any person(s) from fully complying.
  2. Determination of Total Valuation. For purposes of determining fees under the provisions of Article I, Section 10-4. of City of Hartsville Code, total valuation shall be the greater of the actual contract price or an applicable amount based on the total square footage of the structure to be built multiplied times the square foot cost data prescribed on the Building Valuation Data Table.

Maximum file size: 8.39MB

Please scan the contract/invoice to support the cost of project and attach it here. PDF files are preferred, but Word documents or other similar document types are accepted.
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Contact Information

Contact information for this permit application.

Owner Information

The owner is the property owner for the location where the work is being performed.
First Name
Last Name


Details about the project.
Including the correct tax map number for the property is required. Applications without proper tax map numbers will be denied. Look up the number if needed using the link provided.

Tax Map Number Lookup

Find the tax map number using the online Darlington County Property Record Search website.

Start typing the street number to see options auto-complete the address from a list of options.
For "R-3 Res. Single Family" types, please use the Residential Building Permit Application form.
Estimated project beginning date.
Estimated project completion date.
Check all that apply
Enter the valuation to the nearest whole $USD. See "Terms" item 2 for information about the Valuation value.

Contracting Company

Information about the company performing the work for the project.
The name of the company's owner or the primary responsible party.
The company's street address. Start typing the street number to auto-complete the rest of the address information.
Mailing Address
The company's mailing address if different from above.
Company contact email address.
Company contact's phone number.
The South Carolina State-issued license number for the contractor is required for all projects valued at $5000 or more. Enter "NA" if the project is valued at less than $5000.
The South Carolina State-issued license expiration date.
The City-issued business license number for the contractor.
The City-issued business license expiration date.

Building Permit Fee Estimator

A Building Permit Fee Estimator is available to calculate an estimate for the permit fee. The use of the estimator is optional and the final permit fee may vary and will be billed after the permit application has been reviewed.

Acknowledgement and Certification

I certify that the information stated on the subcontractors list is accurate and that all work will be performed by state-licensed and local-licensed contractors.

I understand that I will need to sign the paper version of this form when collecting the permit at the Hartsville Business Navigator at 100 E Carolina Ave.

  1. Work that requires a building permit cannot start until permit card is posted in a visible location.
  2. Permit is void if work is not started in six (6) months from issuance.
  3. All building codes must be followed at all times. Inspections must be called for before moving to next project.
  4. Using unlicensed subcontractors may prevent you from being eligible for inspections and or a certificate of occupancy.
Check the "Yes" box to indicate that you have read, understand, accept the terms of the agreement.
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