On Wednesday, January 16, 2019, the City of Hartsville recognized employees that hit milestone years with the City. Seventeen employees were acknowledged for a total of 270 years of service to the City of Hartsville. Of those 270 years, 105 were from only three very dedicated employees: Marlene Johnson (30 years), Marguerite Miles (35 years), and Rilla Thomas (40 years). Rebecca Mejia-Ward, Human Resources Manager, commended these employees for their service to Hartsville and its residents. She said, “It is quite unusual in today’s world to find employees that stay with an organization for as little as five years. These outstanding ladies have long surpassed that milestone and deserve this recognition for their many years of commitment to the City.” The City of Hartsville is fortunate to have so many dedicated workers that report to their job each day just to serve the citizens of this City.

Employees Recognized for Service
Name Years of Service Department
Rilla Thomas 40 Finance
Marguerite Miles 35 Finance
Marlene Johnson 30 Police
Kevin Garner 20 Sanitation
Randy Byrd 20 Utilities
Benjamin Gilbert 20 Sanitation
Kathy Dunlap 20 Museum
Ronald Davis 15 Sanitation
Gina Tiller 15 Operations
Tenyonde Richardson 15 Police
Jourmany Roderick 10 Streets & Grounds
Jeremy Curtis 5 Police
Faith Howle 5 Parks and Recreation
Rebecca Mejia-Ward 5 Human Resources
Tim Watford 5 Fire
Bill Gardner 5 Sanitation
Suzy Moyd 5 Main Street


The City of Hartsville recognized these three employees for their dedicated service to the City. These three employees together have been with the City for a total of 105 years. Pictured are, from left to right, Rebecca Mejia-Ward (Human Resource Manager), Rilla Thomas (Clerk of Court/Finance), Marguerite Miles (Finance),  Marlene Johnson (Police), and Natalie Zeigler (City Manager).