Project Description

Hartsville’s 2020 Plan represents the City’s vision, strategy, and goals guides all of the City’s projects and priorities. It was developed through joint efforts between The City’s Planning Commission, Planning and Development staff,  the Steering Committee, the Housing Committee, Community Facilities Committee, Cultural and Recreational Resources Committee, Economic Development Committee, Land Use Committee, and many passionate community members who love this City and it’s residents.

The Hartsville 2020 Plan was reviewed and recommended by the Hartsville Planning Commission and was adopted by the City Council in February of 2008.

Vision Statement

In the year 2020, Hartsville, South Carolina is a progressive, attractive, and economically vibrant community that is known to have the highest quality of life in the Pee Dee area. With sprawl controlled, the community is compact, yet not crowded. Beginning at the City center with its complementary mix of retail, banking, public spaces, dining, and housing, Hartsville moves logically toward its fringes with a continual and progressively suburban character.

Strong infrastructure supports both residential and business interests. Buildings are up to standard, and streets and sidewalks are smoothly paved and beautifully landscaped. Major chain stores and locally owned businesses stand side by side offering Hartsville’s citizens and visitors the goods and services they need and want. The City boasts a strong mix of owner-occupied and rental housing. A variety of cultural offerings and recreational opportunities serve local residents and entice new residents and visitors to Hartsville. High quality education at all levels and comprehensive healthcare are important ingredients of community life.

The active volunteering of time and talents by the local citizens, which was so important in Hartsville becoming an All-America City, continues. This spirit of cooperation continues to prevail as the community and city government work together making Hartsville a great place to live and work.

Download the Plan (PDF)