Hartsville’s Hidden Hero for the month of March is Arnold Floyd. Arnold has been with the City of Hartsville for 17 years and it currently serving as the landscape specialist. Each day is different in the life of Arnold Floyd. From March – September, Arnold’s primary responsibility is helping to mitigate any mosquito problems within the City by taking proactive measures and spraying mosquito prone areas. Based on feedback, we know that Arnold is one of the most appreciated employees when the summer temperatures hit and the pesky mosquitoes start buzzing around the city. Residents love the work that he does controlling mosquitoes during the summer.

Year round, Arnold spends his days taking care of all of the landscape needs around the city. From spraying weeds to replanting plants, you will find Arnold spending his time helping to keep Hartsville beautiful. We are thankful to have Arnold as a part of our team here at the City of Hartsville!