Debbie Walter's headshot

Hartsville’s Hidden Hero for the month of September is Debbie Walters. Debbie has been with the City of Hartsville for four years and is currently serving as a Maintenance Worker at Byerly Park. Debbie has many responsibilities around Byerly Park that include mowing the playing fields, trimming trees and bushes, and spraying weeds throughout the fields in the complex. If you’ve ever attended a game at Byerly Park, you can thank Debbie for just how nice the fields look. On the day that we interviewed Debbie, she was preparing for a tournament that was held at Byerly Park. She was mowing the fields, dragging the infield, painting lines, and placing trash cans around for the teams and spectators that would be spending their weekend in Hartsville.

One thing that Debbie really enjoys about her job at Byerly Park is having the opportunity to interact with so many people that visit the park each day. She often takes the opportunity to stop and talk to people walking around the park. Debbie especially enjoys interacting with the dogs that visit Byerly Park with their owners and even has special treats on her cart for the dogs. Debbie is an outdoors person and truly enjoys getting to spend each day outside.

When asked what her favorite part about Hartsville, Debbie quickly alluded to the way that the people of Hartsville work together as a community to create a better place to live.

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