Rodney Brockington has been an employee of the City of Hartsville for 14 years. He serves in the utilities department as a Heavy Equipment Operator. Rodney is also known as “Rooster” and has a reputation of delivering service with a smile around Hartsville. Rodney’s day-to-day activities include taking care of water and sewer services in the city, installing service pipes, unclogging drains, and many other activities that vary from day to day.

When asked to name something about his job that he likes, Rodney excitedly replied “There is nothing about my job that I don’t like. I have worked here for 14 years and have always enjoyed it.” Rodney does especially enjoy getting to help other people each day. His goal is to always treat everyone around him with respect, whether they are someone he is visiting while on the job or even his peers that he works with each day.

The respect and professionalism that Rodney shows was recently recognized by a Hartsville community member as he dealt with Rodney on several occasions when he was dispatched to his home. He commended Rodney for “being pleasant, fast, friendly, and knowledgeable and having a welcoming demeanor.”  Rodney sets a wonderful example for his peers and all of Hartsville with the way he lives his life daily. To thank Rodney for his excellent service, this community member made a donation to a project of Rodney’s choosing. Rodney chose to donate these funds to the Hartsville Safe Communities Project for their presentations in local schools.

Rodney is a lifelong resident of Hartsville and says he “loves seeing new people come to Hartsville.” He gets to welcome them with a smile and tell them just how great this city is. The City of Hartsville is so proud to call Rodney one of our own. The next time you see Rodney around town, be sure to thank him for all that he does for Hartsville!


The Hartsville’s Hidden Heroes Series was established to recognize City of Hartsville employees for their outstanding service to Hartsville residents, businesses, and visitors. Each day, employees across all departments of the city work to maintain this wonderful city in so many different ways. Nominations for Hartsville’s Hidden Hero may be emailed to